How to Build a Website

How to Build a Website - Step By Step

Step 1

After you log in the first step is to pick a design from the website design library and move onto the next step below

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Step 2

After choosing the design you can enter your title, add a logo and change the main images, once you are happy click the "Submit Changes" button and move onto the next step below

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Step 3

On the next page you can add your pages such as "About Us" "Contact Us" etc, you can choose from a large selectionof ready made pages already containing text and images designed to suit numerous businesses, clubs and ventures, you can edit this content yourself or choose to start with a blank page and add your own original info & images

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Step 4

Once you have created your list of pages you can edit each individual page by clicking on the "edit" icon on the right of the page name, or convert the page from a text page to a different type of page such as "Form Page" (to set up a contact inquiry form), "Photo Album/Gallery Page", "Online Shop Page", "Guestbook/Testimonials Page" etc

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Step 5

When editing a text page you can select from a variety of layouts by clicking on "Ready Made Layouts" for text, text with images, image galleries etc

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Step 6

You can also add images by clicking on "insert an image" (if you are adding your own images it is important that the file name only contains letters and/or numbers, no special symbols i.e. underscore _ , brackets ( ) , spaces , $ dollar signs etc etc

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